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Get To Know Your Team of Amazing Guides

Our team of fully qualified and accredited African Safari tour guides have decades of combined knowledge & experience. They are dedicated to give you as the client the best experience while touring our amazing country.

VP & Head of Tour Operations

My name is Mark Anthony Isaacs, a registered, professional tour guide based in Cape Town South Africa. I joined the tourism industry in 2012 and since then I have explored many parts of South Africa. My tours include traveling the Garden Route that stretches from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, to Johannesburg and the Midlands of Kwazulu Natal in the Durban region as well as the West Coast region of Cape Town on route to Namibia. To date I have done more than a thousand tours with diverse clients from all parts of the world.
I thoroughly enjoy what I do and love interacting with people. It is always a pleasure to showcase the beauty and history of my country.
Come journey with me and be amazed.

VP Business Development

My name is Anett Miehle, I am the Business Development Manager at AfricaExotica.
Born and raised in Germany, I moved to Canada 15 years ago and that is where my travel industry journey started. I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of experience across the industry, working in several different aspects of travel over the years.

From my time as part of the management team with Starwood Hotels to my time as a German customer relations specialist with Cunard Cruise Lines and now working as a travel consultant since 2017, ensuring that customers have the best possible experience has always been my area of focus.
Even before I started working in the industry, my love of travel was nurtured from a young age with my first international trip at 16. Since then, traveling has been my passion. I am always thinking about my next trip. When I am not working and the opportunity presents itself, I am on the road. My wanderlust and love of the new and unknown have taken me to over 50 countries. The highlight of which was my adventures in South Africa.

I just love the breadth and depth of experiences that South Africa has to offer. Be it going on safari at one of the country’s simply amazing wildlife camps, driving along the famous Garden Route, tasting delicious wines in the Stellenbosch area, or exploring the cosmopolitan richness of Cape Town, it all made me fall in love with this remarkable country.
Let me share my travel passion and knowledge. I will send you on a trip of a lifetime that you will not soon forget.

Tour Guide

I am Ivy, I am a registered Culture Guide.

I am passionate about my country and the people who visit here.

My aim is to teach my guests as much as I can about my beautiful country.

Tour Guide

Hi my name is Pola.

I have been a tourist guide since 2002. I work mainly in  and around the western cape.

I do guiding work in both German and English.

Tour Guide

My name is Rahima.

I am from Cape Town. I’ve been a National Tour guide for 5 years now & am really excited to meet you.

I look forward to showcasing my wonderfully amazing country to you.

Tour Guide

I am a young and enthusiastic Tourist Guide born in Cape Town South Africa.

Although I am partial to the city, I do have a great love for the outdoors especially the Klein Karoo and its indigenous cultural heritage – from where my family originates. I have a passion for history, food, storytelling, and conveying the many complexities that make the Cape Region and South

Africa such a vibrant and breath taking place, for all our visitors.

Tour Guide
What started out a hobby about 15 years ago, became my passion in life. 
I started hiking with my children, then with friends and eventually joined formal hiking clubs and even became one of the hike leaders. 
In October 2018 I decided to turn my passion into my career.  After completing my qualifications and registration, I left the corporate world to become a full-time Mountain Guide.  
In addition to the listed routes, I also cater to the more adventurous and even family-friendly hikes.
Tour Guide

My name is Russell, and I am a National Tourist Guide.

Served in the South African Navy for 26 years before my life as a tour guide. I have traveled all over South Africa and have a passion for our history, culture, and people.
I am also a tour guide for the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland). I love engaging with people and showcasing the beauty of our country. I have a passion for the Cape Winelands and have completed WSET Level 1 wine course.

My motto: Connecting with my guests and making unforgettable memories.

Tour Guide
I am passionate about people who come from all walks of life.
This has become evident in my career in the service industry. With almost 2 decades of work experience as a tour guide, I have developed advanced interpersonal skills As a customer-orientated employee.
I strive to ensure that all clients are fully sat1fied.
Tour Guide

My name is Rene’. born and raised in beautiful Cape Town South Africa.

I have been working as a professional tour guide since 2010, and absolutely love showing my valued guest the beauty of my country. I take great pride in what I do & enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

Touring with me means “we meet as strangers, and part as friends”.

Tour Guide

Hi, my name is Max. Born in Germany, bred in South Africa.

I’ve been guiding for almost 4 years now, have traveled to all 4 corners of Southern Africa (and some of the world), and just love what I do!
I always say I haven’t worked a day in my life because my job isn’t to work for me, it’s a lifestyle.
My favorite animal s the elephant, because they eat a lot and so do they.

Tour Guide

Alexandre Maurer was born in São Paulo, in nineteen hundred and… I will tell you later…

Graduated in Radio/Television and Journalism, he arrived in Cape Town paradise in 2003 to
meet the most fake carioca in Brazil, Carolina Werner.

The two Brazilians fell in love with the city, culture, people, landscapes, quality of life,
obviously with each other and ended up staying in South Africa. This unusual encounter in
the country of the rainbow nation has generated a small growing fruit called Max Maurer
and a desire to show all the beauty of Mandela’s land to all the Portuguese and Spanish
speaking tourists who visit the country.

People, history, cars, football, martial arts, music and family.

The great writer Otto Lara Resende once said that only children and poets have their eyes
on the spectacle of the world!
Well, Otto forgot to mention the tour guides, who have the function of opening the eyes of
the visitors, directing their gaze to the wonders of the show, whether in front of the stage or
behind the scenes. A mix of actor, teacher, child, student, poet, friend and sometimes a
boring bossy director.

“I know that I know nothing”, so I try to learn more and more each and every day. I feed on
brains and I want yours just as an appetizer:)

Come with me and I’ll explain everything on the way!

Ernest Julius
Tour Guide

Being in the tourist industry is my passion. My name is Enerst Julius born and bred in South Africa.

I started working in the tourist industry for more than 10 years. I started off as a coach driver after a few years experience I then became a tour guide. My passion for people is huge especially when I have to show them the amazing country we live in and all its natural wonders. 

I love what I do because it brings me great pleasure as a peoples person to acknowledge foreigners that experience everything South Africa has to offer. What excites me the most if the different cultures, languages and just naturally the different type of people I meet on a daily basis. My main goal is to be able to learn and excel in each and every different culture over the time that I will be able to work and experience these opportunities.

Senior Motorcycle Tourist Guide

From Corporate “Suit,” wheeling and dealing, to registered and travelling
Tourist Guide!

Shortly into my forties I walked into my boss’s office and resigned…swopping my senior position with a Swiss Re-insurer, my “Boss,” suits and all the corporate trimmings for the unknown self–employment as a registered Freelance Tourist Guide.
Was I mad…Perhaps!
What I know now is that after twenty-one years of leading English and German-speaking guests in and around South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe…either on Dual-Purpose Motorcycles, Harley Davidsons, Mini-Busses or a 4×4 SUV, is that I have had more than a lifetime of adventures with unforgettable memories!
Although I also lead Cultural and Safari Tours, my first love is to lead a tour on a motorcycle. Since the age of fourteen, I have ridden various Scramblers, Sports Bikes, Cruisers and Dual Purpose bikes. I presently own and ride a KTM 990 Adventure, as this allows me to enjoy both asphalt and gravel roads. Being an avid biker I am as at home seated on a Cruiser burbling along a country road as I am standing up on the pegs crossing a river or exploring a remote gravel road.
I enjoy getting to know my guests, their interests, expectations and endeavour to use this information, together with my experience and set of skills, to arrange unforgettable memories and experiences for them.
Of paramount importance is ensuring that my guests are always in a safe and secure environment and get home safely to plan their next tour.